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Save money on repairs!

Unfortunately, it’s a situation most of us are only too familiar with – a machine that decides to give up the ghost just when you are working hard to meet a deadline. The timing couldn’t be worse. So what to do but call the manufacturer’s engineering department, agree to wait two or three days, and say yes when they suggest fitting a new PCB, or even an entirely new unit. After all - anything to get you back in business. Until you receive the invoice that is.

defecte printDid you know that most machines can be repaired? Not after a day or two, but immediately? We can either collect your machine ourselves or send a courier. Even better if you can take it in yourself. Once we have replaced the defect PCB component you are set to go. Faster, and most of all, cheaper.

Our years of experience enable us to simply repair your old and new equipment. If you still have the blueprints, perfect, but usually we can also get by without them.

We take on most work on a "no cure no pay" basis. Call us on 06 150 514 39 (Mondays to Sundays) if you would like to know if your repair is covered by our scheme.