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Mechanical defects and repairs

toetsenbordHave you ever had to deal with a faulty Enter key or spacebar, the two most-used keys? The manufacturer of your machine will be more than happy to sell you an entirely new keyboard. But where a keyboard for your home computer will cost you no more than 30 Euros, an industrial keyboard will set you back much more. In other words, it is worth having your industrial board repaired. The cost of replacing a key will be much lower than the cost of an entirely new keyboard. This is but one example of the many possibilities for mechanical repairs. If one of your machines has a mechanical fault and must be transported to our workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The nineteen eighties and nineties saw the introduction of many "pick and place" robots, produced by suppliers that have since folded. We are able to recondition these robots, both mechanically and electronically. In 2006 we took out a contract with NXP semiconductors for the reconditioning of their robots. We also have arrangements with other manufacturers.