Emtech Industrial Repairs BV
Steenovenweg 5
5708 HN Helmond
t. +31 (0) 492 - 472410
f. +31 (0) 848 - 366155

Repair based on "No cure no pay"

Our service is unique. Together with you we can decide on a possible test run of the unit. We can repair or even recondition your machines, without blueprint, including old machines that went out of production some time ago. All of our repairs come with a three-month guarantee.

reparatie printplaten If you present a defect product we will start by submitting a quote for the cost of repair and any survey costs. If you do not accept our offer, your machine will be returned to you free of charge. We repair all machines within 5 to 10 working days on average. If you need a machine repaired urgently, we are often able to help you the same day, using a courier service.

If the manufacturer's engineer replaces a part or even an entire machine, we can repair the defect product for you to use as a spare.

If you regularly submit the same type of products for repair, we may agree a reduced repair fee.